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Arlington law firm helps you through the Social Security disability process

Our law firm is dedicated to helping injured and disabled people. We offer you two important qualities in the appeal of your Social Security disability claim:

  • Experience. We have handled Social Security disability claims in Dallas and Fort Worth since 1990. We know the law and the people who work in this area.
  • Understanding. We understand the importance of a Social Security disability award. Winning means more than just money; it can bring independence, validation, and peace of mind.

The Social Security disability system is an impersonal bureaucracy

The Social Security Administration is a huge bureaucracy, and its size can make it impersonal and awkward. For example, at the initial disability claim level, you submit your disability application to a Social Security claims examiner, and that examiner makes a decision without seeing or talking to you.

The Social Security Administration has established rules and regulations that attempt to standardize decisions, but part of the effect of this is that the sheer quantity of regulations can be overwhelming to people who do not work in this area all the time.

The difference between the Social Security disability decision on your initial application and on an appeal

When you apply for Social Security disability benefits the Social Security Administration sends your application to a Texas agency. At this stage, on a national average, only around 35% of Social Security disability claims are approved, and the other 65% are denied. You can then ask for reconsideration of your disability claim, but only 15% of Social Security disability claims are approved on reconsideration.

At this point the important thing is not to give up because the success rate of Social Security disability claims is much better at the appeal hearing level.

Unlike the evaluation of your initial Social Security application, which is made solely on the written record, at an appeal you get a personal hearing with an Administrative Law Judge. At this appeal you can not only appear in person, but you can also bring witnesses and be represented by an attorney.

We want to help with Dallas and Fort Worth area Social Security disability claims

We want you to get the Social Security disability benefits that you deserve.

If you are not already represented by a Texas Social Security disability lawyer and would like our evaluation, give us a brief description of your claim using the form to the right. Or, you may simply email or otherwise contact us at our Arlington office.

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